Get to Know Marketing Magic Mojo: Your Go-To Online Marketing Agency

Here at Marketing Magic Mojo, part of our process is to really get to know our clients in order to give the best service possible. We are going to be representing your business and your brand online, after all. We also think it’s fair that you get to know us as an online marketing agency before you agree to start working with us.

Marketing Magic Mojo is an online marketing business that specializes in web design, SEO, local marketing, website audits, pay per click marketing, online reputation management and social media marketing. We provide services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, professionals, corporations, schools, hospitals and organizations. Our team is willing to work with basically anybody who wants to increase their online presence.

Our company was formed in 2010 in order to meet the growing online marketing needs of businesses and individuals by owners Judy and Forrest Carrico. Judy, our marketing strategist has had experience in marketing since she has worked in the Fair Industry for over 30 years. She was responsible for planning, managing, marketing and promotions for small, medium and large Fairs. Meanwhile, Forrest is a former Air Force Firefighter. He has worked in the communication satellite industry for over 10 years. Together, they made what is now known as Marketing Magic Mojo.

When Marketing Magic Mojo was formed, it quickly became apparent that many business owners and individuals didn’t have the time or staff to maintain a high and quality online presence. Most already have their hands full with the business and the operations themselves. Realizing their needs, Judy and Forrest use cutting edge technologies to get this done for their clients. We will happily take over your marketing for you so you can focus on more important things like expanding the business and conquering new markets.

Whether you need a year-long SEO campaign to boost your rankings or just a new landing page to give your website a fresh feel, we can help you. Marketing Magic Mojo is your go-to online marketing agency. Feel free to get in touch with us for any questions you may have about our services. Send us an email at or call our office by dialing 925-405-5442.