The Marketing Magic Mojo Manifesto: Our Marketing Company’s Vision

Our founders Judy and Forrest Carrico got into the business to meet the growing online marketing needs for businesses and individuals. Since our company was established in 2010, that still remains as the main goal of Marketing Mojo Magic. It does, however, go much deeper than just meeting needs. Our goal is to help our customers as they improve their businesses through our online marketing services and solutions. Our vision is to partner with our clients to increase their online presence, which will assist them in growing their customer base.

We understand that many business owners today are overwhelmed by the responsibilities and duties in business. From managing operations and employees to devising strategies for the future of business, rarely do they have the time to take care of their marketing as well. Since businesses today rely on the internet to reach their respective target markets, this will prove to be a disadvantage especially to smaller companies still trying to build their own brand. This is why Marketing Magic Mojo seeks out to help out businesses that are in need of our services.

By being a trusted online marketing company, we can help businesses struggling to increase their online presence and get word out about your products and services. We will be your business partner and fill the role of online marketers for your business. Rest assured that we will represent your brand and company as accurately as you want them to be portrayed. This way, you can focus on what’s important and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Marketing Magic Mojo is a full-service online marketing company for all of your online marketing needs. We can help you increase online visibility, traffic, engagement, leads and even customers. In turn, these will help you get increased revenue profits and ROI. We offer a wide range of services so that you can get everything you need to kick start your business in one place. Our services include SEO (search engine optimization), web design, website audits, online reputation management, local marketing, pay per click marketing and social media marketing.

Contact us to get started on your campaign. Send us an email at or call us at 925-405-5442 and 925-337-3665 for more information.